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Items obtained through the Inter Library Loan service via Ludlow Library, sponsored by the Shropshire Ornithological Society with grateful acknowledgements to both. For copyright reasons the Items cannot be used as direct scans of originals but these are available to individual researchers on request to Histo.

“A case of Falcons has just been presented to the Shrewsbury Museum by Mrs, H. O. Wilson, who states that all the specimens in it were collected on or near the Longmynd, between 1848 and 1857, when her husband was rector of Church Stretton. Besides examples of the commoner species, the series includes all three of the British Harriers, a pair of Kites, an adult Red-footed Falcon (F. vespertinus), Goshawk (Astur palumbarius), and an immature Iceland Falcon (F. islandus). This last had been recorded by Rocke, and was one of two examples obtained at Leebotwood, the other being placed in the Hawkstone collection. The date was not given by Rocke, but I now learn that in the late Rev. H. O. Wilson’s diary there is an entry on 5th April, 1853, of payment to Millington (keeper) “for the Jer-Falcon”; so that the bird was probably obtained before that date. The Red-footed Falcon has been obtained on three occasions in Shropshire, but the Goshawk never; the species is, therefore, new to the county fauna. H.E. Forrest.”