The ‘B’ surname may link to Bromley, once farmers near Smethcote, or perhaps to a parson named Blacket; local information 20131118.

An exercise book catalogue of an egg collection by CRB and WRB, at Ludlow Museum.

Principally from the first decade of the 20th century.

Last record 1910, used at Item date in Histo Citations List.

The eggs may yet turn up among the un-catalogued egg boxes in the Ludlow Museum, which from this year will house all previous Shropshire collections (meaning Shrewsbury and also Whitchurch).

Two specimens are logged here, both from Shropshire and now featured in The Historical Ornithology of Shropshire, a website: []

The two are regarded as acceptable records (with species, date, locality and recorder) and of some significance, Ed.

Common Snipe, c.3 from Greenway Hill, Wolstaston (=Woolstaston) on 4 May 1909.

Land Rail (Corncrake), c.1 from Wolstaston (=Woolstaston) in 1903.

John Tucker

29 October 2013


Front of exercise book


Common Snipe


Land Rail