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The pages (14 x 50cm) are from the Gatten Estate Game Book lent to Tom Wall by Mrs Jane Hulton-Harrop in March 2014. Entries are for Red Grouse (21 pages), Pheasant (18), Partridge (16), Woodcock (12), Quail (1), Wild Duck (6), Snipe (12) and Black Game (2, pp.1,7) together with hare, rabbit and ‘Various’.

Shooting locations, often away from the Gatten Estate, are given in the Where Killed column and include for example The Bog, to the south of the estate and Longnor Hall etc.

The dates are discontinuous and cover the period 12 August 1911 to 12 August 1986 over the following periods:

August 1911 – January 1912
August 1932 – December 1936
October 1952 – August 1974
August 1982
November 1985
August 1986

We are very grateful to Mrs Hulton-Harrop for making the material available first to Tom Wall and, in early 2014, to this website.

NOTE: Scans of the RHS of the Game Book are all full-height so that when printed the comments will align correctly with their corresponding dates on the LHS pages.


View Gatten Game Book. Cover

View p.1 12.08.1911

p.1 RHS

p.2 18.09.1911

p.2 RHS

p.3 26.09.1911

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p.4 06.10.1911

p.4 RHS

p.5 24.10.1911

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p.6 07.11.1911

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p.7 21.11.1911

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p.8 05.12.1911

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p.9 05.01.1912

p.9 RHS

p.10 12.08.1932

p.10 RHS

p.11 25.08.1933

p.11 RHS

p.12 14.08.1934

p.12 RHS

p.13 29.01.1934

p.13 RHS

p.14 12.08.1935

p.14 RHS

p.15 10&11.1952

p.15 RHS

p.16 1956

p.16 RHS

p.17 12.08.1959

p.17 RHS

p.18 25.10

p.18 RHS

p.19 12.08.1960

p.19 RHS

p.20 12.08.1962

p.20 RHS

p.21 12.08.1963

p.21 RHS

p.22 19.09.1967

p.22 RHS

p.23 22.08.1969

p.23 RHS

p.24 1972

p.24 RHS

p.25 08.1974

p.25 RHS

p.26 12.08.1982

p.26 RHS

p.27 19.11.1986 & 12.08.1986

p.27 RHS

The copies of the Game Books are from a very wide page-format Game Book and not scanned as are other Histo material.

With apologies the reader is directed to the original material in Histo's hard copy housed in the SOS archive.

The material is Item 54.5 in blue-coded File 15 in Box 3.

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