February 2021

Histo has reached a major milestone, we believe it is "complete". After thirteen years in development, it has "closed the books" to new records after 31 December 2020. Of course as occasional historical records come to light, which will undoubtedly happen, we endeavour to maintain by adding them Histo.

The recent move to and incorporation with Shropshire Ornithological Society’s website here: http://histo.shropshirebirds.com marks it's permernant home. We appreciate the commitment of the SOS to maintaining Histo’s unique material in perpetuity. Please ensure you have bookmarked the Histo site.

We still have some historical material to be processed for inclusion to the website; the items are already listed in the Citations List and Species Index on this page. We aim to have those additional items uploaded in the first quarter of 2021.

John and Peter Tucker

October 2019

Histo derives from JT’s personal need for easy access to published material about the birds of Shropshire for use in personal researches. He has a long-held interest in historical ecology in general and in the history of birds in particular and it was in 2008 that he began by scanning all the Shropshire Ornithological Society Annual Bird Reports. It was John’s brother Peter who suggested that the internet could make the information available to everyone and with his help Shropshire’s website ‘Histo’ has become a unique county resource. The website remains the joint venture, Peter on keys at the control of the website, John doing the research and development of new material. Peter has continued his dedicated work without which the material would languish solely on John’s home computer. The SOS kindly continues to cover many of the basic costs.

Histo has expanded hugely since inception and its move online in 2012. During the past five years of research for and drafting of texts for The Birds of Shropshire (Smith (2019) due to be published in December 2019) the team of authors found Histo invaluable. There are now more than 700 items comprising over 7,300 pages and the Species Index contains over 14,000 entries. Please have a look at Latest Developments for further details and our acknowledgements to the people to whom we owe our gratitude. 

Histo is available as a link from the Shropshire Ornithological Society (SOS) web site and direct at website. JT maintains the sole paper copy which currently occupies twenty-one lever-arch files. The hard copy will revert to the SOS’s library when JT is no longer able to maintain it.

The menu ‘The Historical Record’ lists All Historical Documents where all the material is located in chronological order. If you are new to this site you should have a look at the User Guide to be found on the Historical Resources pages.

The Historical Resources menu gives access to a range of useful items including the 

Citations of this work should read: 
Tucker, J.J. & Tucker P.G. (2012) The Historical Ornithology of Shropshire. http://www.pgt7.uk/sos/

John & Peter Tucker Autumn 2019