The SOS kindly gave a small grant to cover the costs of the project.

Much of the material in this resource (77% of pages) comes from either the periodicals of the Caradoc and Severn Valley Field Club (CSVFC), its predecessor the Shropshire Natural History and Philosophical Society (SNHPS) or the Shropshire Ornithological Society (SOS) for whom it has been compiled.

The SNHPS no longer exists and the CSVFC kindly gave permission for their material to us used. A full copy of the CSVFC papers is kept at the Shropshire Archive in Shrewsbury and was photographed by the editor using facilities kindly made available by the Conservator Andrew Davidson. The Shropshire Archive was also the source of several other works used here. Acknowledgements are given to sources in their website entries.. All are thanked for their valuable help and permissions.

Several individuals have been particularly helpful during the year 16 months it has taken to compile and make the material available. My brother Peter has been entirely responsible, also as a volunteer, for the design and creation of the website; without his tireless and patient work the material would lie only within the nine-volume printout on my shelves and in my own computer. This website is a monument to his design skills and dedication.

Colin Wright, one-time editor of the SOS Annual Bird Report, has been an ardent supporter of the project over the 20 years or so that we have discussed it. Simon Holloway has given his support, often finding obscure publications on the Internet and Tom Wall has put me onto several local history books including the first-hand account of collecting Lapwing eggs for Fortnum and Mason in the 1930s. Patricia Francis, current editor of The North-western Naturalist (TNWN) and Natural History Curator & Exhibitions Co-ordinator at Gallery Oldham kindly searched and provided copies of Shropshire material from TNWN. Gallery Oldham kindly gave permission for the reproduction of the painting of the taxidermist’s workshop by John Houghthon Hague (18421934) website

Several of the above and others have helped with additional material, proof-reading and checking; any errors which remain are our own.

I must also thank the many people who between them compiled the Shropshire Gazetteer as volunteers for Shropshire Wildlife Trust in the late 1980s and early 1990s.