Final Update September 2022

Work began on this data set, ‘Histo’, everything (known) published on the birds of Shropshire, in 2007 and it first appeared online in 2012. Since then it has been maintained up to date with all modern and a great deal of additional historical material. This final version contains all recent updates and the Species Index contains over 15,200 entries. The material proved invaluable in the preparation of Birds of Shropshire (Smith 2019). In September 2022 Histo was updated with all modern records to 31 December 2020 and various historical material which has surfaced in the last few years. Additional historical material, as it appears, will be made known in The Buzzard.

The project arose from an expanding collection of material for my personal use and later developed online at the suggestion of and with the continued support of my brother Peter as the website’s designer. Histo would have been impossible without Peter and he has my enduring thanks. I must also thank the SOS for its long-term support for the project.

Histo, which is unique, will remain accessible via the Shropshire Ornithological Society (SOS) website and the hard copy, in around 24 lever arch files, will be lodged in the SOS Archive. In addition SMAD (Shropshire Migrant Arrivals Database), a component of Histo, is to be maintained in future by Rachel Bromley and the annually updated file will be available via a link from the SOS website.

John Tucker, Aston on Clun, September 2022

Citations to Histo should read: 
Tucker, J.J. & Tucker P.G. (2020) The Historical Ornithology of Shropshire.



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