A variety of links to a range of up to date recording systems and utilities for today and the future, one which the forebears who populate this site, even those of a few decades ago, could not have imagined.

Shropshire Ornithological Society, SOS website

A Guide to Recording the Birds of Shropshire website

British Trust for Ornithology, BTO website

BTO Schemes
Atlas scheme website
BirdTrack website
Garden BirdWatch (GBW) website
Garden Nesting Survey (GNS) website
Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) website
Nest Record Scheme (NRS) website
Waterways Breeding Bird Survey (WBBS) website
Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS) website

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, RSPB website

John Tucker Lanius website
Peter Tucker Holbrook Design website
Farasuto, our personal project at Farasuto Forest, The Gambia website