The resources are additional material separated into six parts.

User Guide
This is the User Guide to the website, ‘The Historical Ornithology of Shropshire’ – download Acrobat PDF click here

Species Index
The Species Index lists over 10,200 references to more than 345 species. It is in tabular form with an explanatory introduction to help you get the most from it – download Acrobat PDF click here

IOC-BOURC International English Names is a companion file to the Species Index. It lists the common English names used in the Species Index along with their scientific binomial names and adds BOURC list consecutive numbers – download Acrobat PDF click here

Citations List
The table, with an explanation, lists all the publications used in the website and gives their citation details – download Acrobat PDF click here,

Author Index
A list of all contributing authors and their titles – IN PREPARATION