The following items may be useful to people making frequent use of OS maps and/or dealing with the county’s tetrads.

Shropshire’s 870 tetrads.
This is an Excel file showing the county’s 10x10km squares and within them their 2x2km tetrads. The numbers of the 10km squares (bounded black) are given in their top left hand corners (to be prefixed by SJ in the north of the county and SO in the south) and the approximate locations of settlements are added as 1–3 character letters in red. Tetrad boundaries are dotted and there is a key to the naming of tetrads, within their 10km squares, top right.

The file can be downloaded and may be used for example by colouring the squares or by adding numbers which my then be summed along columns or rows. download file click here

List of Shropshire tetrads.
This is a single PDF file and it is downloadable for use as you wish. download file click here

The file lists the county’s 10km squares and the number of tetrads within each. It also lists all the tetrads, within 10km squares, by name.