The following items may be useful to people making frequent use of OS maps and/or dealing with the county’s tetrads.

The extent of Ordnance Survey (OS) maps cover of Shropshire.
Each OS map has been randomly allocated a colour and its OS map number and land-coverage are shown.

In the top left hand corner of each ten km square (solid lines) is the square's number (to be preceded by SJ in the north of the county and by SO in the south).

Also shown on the map are the boundaries of tetrads (dotted) with a key to the naming of tetrads, within their 10km squares, top right.

The 1-3 character letters in red show the approximate positions of major settlements.

Landranger Map
The OS 1:50,000 scale (2cm to 1km, not far off the old "one inch to the mile") Landranger maps. download file click here

There are no overlaps in land-cover by 1:50,000 scale maps.

Explorer Map
The OS 1:25,000 scale (4cm to 1km) Explorer maps. download file click here

There is some duplication of land-cover by 1:25,000 scale maps – the southern edge of map 216 (Welshpool) and the northern edge of map 210 (Knighton) where the two cover the same ground, show by crosses.

These maps are for viewing only and are not downloadable; they can be printed.