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Acknowledgement: This paper was obtained from the Biodiversity Heritage Library website online collection. Our thanks to the BHL and also to the Natural History Museum, London for making the material available for digitisation.

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Acknowledgement: This paper was obtained from the Biodiversity Heritage Library website online collection. Our thanks to the BHL and also to the Natural History Museum, London for making the material available for digitisation.

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The first published reference to the Shropshire ‘Short-toed Lark, (Alauda brachydactyla, Temm.)’. I am indebted to Mark Adams of the British Museum, Tring, for drawing my attention to this paper. The specimen is not in the national collection at Tring.

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Acknowledgements to website for the material.

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Beckwith died after a short illness on 1 July 1892. He was buried in Eaton Constantine (SJ5906).

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linkblue2 1893+ The Transactions of the Caradoc and Severn Valley Field Club being the account of club meetings, outings and formally published papers.

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This is the first book devoted to Shropshire’s birds following his earlier Paddock (1890)

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NB: p.8, Errata, is here taken from the copy at the University of California, a late edition and containing some important amendments.
Acknowledgement. This material was obtained from the Biodiversity Heritage Library website online collection. Our thanks to the BHL and also to the University of California for making the material available for digitisation.

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Acknowledgement. This material was obtained from the Biodiversity Heritage Library website online collection. Our thanks to the BHL and also to the University of California for making the material available for digitisation.

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Originals are available in the Shropshire Archive in Shrewsbury

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NOTE: Refers to 'Wyre' which is contiguous into Worcestershire

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