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View p365 Introduction

View p366 White-tailed Eagle to Peregrine Falcon

View p367 Hobby to Rough-legged Buzzard

View p368 Honey Buzzard to White Owl

View p369 Tawny Owl to Common Dipper

View p370 Missel Thrush to Redstart

View p371 Black Redstart to Reed Warbler

View p372 Nightingale to Golden Crested Regulus

View p373 Fire Crested Regulus to Bohemian Waxwing

View p374 Pied Wagtail to Wood Lark

View p375 Short-toed Lark to Mountain Finch

View p376 Tree Sparrow to Lesser Redpole

View p377 Mountain Linnet to Carrion Crow

View p378 Rook to Common Creeper

View p379 Wren to Swallow

View p380 Martin to Stock Dove

View p381 Turtle Dove to Common Partridge

View p382 Red-legged Partridge to Peewit

View p383 Turnstone to Heron

View p384 Squacco Heron to Green Sandpiper

View p385 Common Sandpiper to Common Snipe

View p386 Jack Snipe to Landrail

View p387 Spotted Crake to Bean Goose

View p388 Pinkfooted Goose to Bewick’s Swan

View p389 Mute Swan to Teal

View p390 Wigeon to Golden Eye

View p391 Smew to Sclavonian Grebe

View p392 Eared Grebe to Razorbill

View p393 Cormorant to Little Gull

View p394 Blackheaded Gull to Richardson’s Skua

View p395 Buffon’s Skua to Storm Petrel, errata

1881: Addendum to 1879 3 pages

View p326 Peregrine Falcon, Golden Oriole & Bearded Tit

View p327 Shore Lark, Hawfinch, Chough & Little Bittern

View p328 Pochard, Tufted Duck & Long-tailed Duck