The Field is a significant potential resource of records and Histo features several items in their chronological sequence. Other Field material appears elsewhere in the Citations List at various dates and within the heading of their author.

Fortunately Mullens et al. (1920) presents a by-county listing of ‘all’ known material to that date and it includes notes in Field, many of which were not known to the current authors until its discovery in 2013. The reader is directed to the Mullens paper in the website; it includes a spreadsheet version of the paper itemising Shropshire-related material including the material in Field.

Securing both references to and copies of material in The Field is not easy; for example the Bodleian Library does not have a full set of its volumes and access there is slow and laborious. Those Field items which have been secured, from whatever source, are either given here or, less frequently, under the heading of their authors. Efforts continue to secure access to the remaining known material. In the Citations List items which are not yet to hand are itemised in red. Similarly Species Index references to known but unavailable material appear as red text in yellow cells.

Some Field material which has been examined in its original form, photographed and stored by the authors, is not presented here as the original but as full quotes to avoid paying the reproduction fees. Should researchers require access to the original image please contact the authors.

Field is deserving of comprehensive search for records; a major undertaking with complex logistics and there are currently no plans for it to take place.

View 1859 P.W. The Siskin

View 1859 Clee Hill. Rare birds in Shropshire

View 1860 Buddicom, W.S. The waxwing chatterer

View 1860 Shaw, H. Black-throated Diver

View 1861 Shaw, H. Bohemian Waxwing

View 1863 G.V.H. Partridges Facsimilie This flock has always been assumed a record of Pallace's Sandgrouse, a component of the national influx of the species in 1863

View 1863 Buffon & Wilson Sand Grouse

View 1864 Shaw. H.O. Rare birds in Shropshire and district

View 1865 Wright White (House) Martin

View 1866 J Shaw Three spp

View 1869 Ambrose, S. The Bohemian Waxwing

View 1869 T.E.H. Landrail in January

1869 Selous, P.S. Ger-falcon

View 1871 Bridgeman Great Grey Shrike

View 1871 JW Lloyd (American) Bittern

View 1872 Harting Heronries

View 1872 Harting Tengmalm's Owl

1873 F.N. Woodcock nesting in Shropshire

View 1874 J Shaw Little = Sabine's Gull

View 1875 Little Gull

View 1875 Potts Quail

1881 Tantara. Pomatorhine Squa near Oswestry

1883 R.B.B. Breeding haunts of the Curlew

viewgreen13a1 1883 Beckwith, W.E. Late Land Rail The Field

1883 Bagot, L.R.C. Breeding haunts of the Curlew website

1883 Rope, G.T. Breeding haunts of the Curlew website

viewgreen13a2 1884 Beckwith, W.E. Common Sandpipers in winter The Field

viewgreen13a8 1884 Wright, C.H. Manx Shearwater Inland The Field

viewgreen13a6 1885 & 1886 William E. Beckwith Notes on Shropshire Birds (2 parts)

viewgreen13a7 1886a Beckwith, W.E. Sea Birds Inland The Field

viewgreen13a4 1887 Benson, R.B. Manx Shearwater at Lutwitche The Field

View 1888 Horton Pallas's Sandgrouse

View 1888 Mainwearing Pallas's Sangrouse

View 1889 WG Hoopoe

View 1889 Sandford Osprey

View 1892 Cooke White's Thrush

1898 Dickin, G.V. Spotted Crake in Shropshire

1963 Anon. Death of William Humphreys