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View pp.30–31 Proposed ringing report, Breeding Skylarks in Shropshire

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View pp.36–37 Little Grebe, Great Bittern

View pp.38–39 Eurasian Spoonbill, Whooper Swan

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View pp.50–51 Red Grouse, Common Pheasant

View pp.52–53 Oystercatcher, Dotterel

pp.54–55 Dunlin, Woodcock

pp.56–57 Common Redshank, Common Sandpiper

pp.58–59 Common Gull, Iceland Gull

pp.60–61 Common Tern, Collared Dove

pp.62–63 Little Owl, Common Kingfisher

pp.64–65 Sand Martin, Tree Pipit

pp.66–67 Pied Wagtail, Robin

pp.68–69 Common Stonechat, Song Thrush

pp.70–71 Reed Warbler, Wood Warbler

pp.72–73 Goldcrest, Marsh Tit

pp.74–75 Wood Nuthatch, Magpie

pp.76–77 Common Starling, Brambling

pp.78–79 Linnet, Hawfinch

pp.80–81 Records from previous years, Exotica, Observers

pp.82–83 Gull-billed Tern at Venus Pool, Woodchat Shrike - Mainstone

pp.84–85 White Stork near Minsterley

pp.86–87 Meetings and trips, Hon. Officers

pp.88–89 Bird recording, County map and localities