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View p.76 Survey of rookeries in the Shrewsbury district. Introduction

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View p.78 Table 1. List of rookeries

View p.79 Table 2. Rookeries in areas

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View p.81 Tables 3 Altitudes of sites, 4 Type of site

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View p.84 Table 5 Distance from houses

View p.85 Table 6 Distance from running water

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View p.87 Table 7. Sizes of sites

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View p.91 Summary

View p.92 Acknowledgement, References

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View p.207 Effects on bird-life of the severe winter of 1939-40

View p.208 The weather

View p.209 continued

View p.210 Sturnidae

View p.211 Sittidae

View p.212 thrushes

View p.213 Alcedinidae, Picidae

View p.214 Columbidae

View p.215 Laridae

View p.23 Red-backed Shrike

p.24 continued

View p.104 Buildwas, Nightingale

View p.112 Great Northern Diver

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