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A geographical bibliography of British ornithology from the earliest time to the end of 1918, arranged under counties, being a record of printed books, published articles, notes and records relating to local avifauna.

London, Witherby, 1920. Shropshire pp.251–255 Item 35.5

With grateful acknowledgements to the Biodiversity Heritage Library hppt://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/bibliography/14517 and to Simon Holloway for tracking it down in April 2013.

This invaluable item, surfacing only after two years work on the Historical project, features around 113 items of which 15 or so were, at the time of its discovery, already on the Historical website. In addition the Historical website features 15 items which do not feature in this paper.

Most of the additional material here is comprised of short notes on the occurrences of individual rare or otherwise interesting species and much of it appears in reference works not readily available. Efforts are being made to secure the additional material not least in the light of the imminent start to the drafting of species accounts for the forthcoming Shropshire Avifauna.


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