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ViewGrey1 Cover

ViewGrey1a p.01 Inside front cover

ViewGrey1b pp.2-3 Obituary for Edward Montagu Rutter, Introduction

ViewGrey1c pp.4-5 Introduction, continued

ViewGrey1d pp.6-7 Bibliography, Acknowledgements, The Geography of Shropshire

ViewGrey1d4 pp.8-9 The Geography of Shropshire, continued

ViewGrey1d5 pp.10-11 The Geography of Shropshire, continued, with map

ViewGrey1d6 pp.12-13 List: Black-throated Diver to Cormorant

ViewGrey1d7 pp.14-15 Heron to Gadwall

ViewGrey1d8 pp.16-17 Wigeon to Pochard

ViewGrey1d8a pp.18-19 Golden-eye to White-fronted Goose

ViewGrey1d8b pp.20-21 Pink Footed Goose to Bewick’s Swan

ViewGrey1d8c pp.22-23 Buzzard to Hen-Harrier

ViewGrey1d8d pp.24-25 Osprey to Partridge

ViewGrey1d8d1 pp.2627 Quail to Lapwing

ViewGrey1d8d2 pp.2829 Ringed Plover to Woodcock

ViewGrey1d8d3 pp.3031 Curlew to Redshank

ViewGrey1d8d4 pp.3233 Spotted Redshank to Greater Black-backed Gull

ViewGrey1d8d4a pp.3435 Lesser Black-backed Gull to Black-headed Gull

ViewGrey1d8d4b pp.3637 Kittiwake to Cuckoo

ViewGrey1d8d4c pp.3839 Barn-Owl to Kingfisher

ViewGrey1d8d4d pp.4041 Hoopoe to Sand-Martin

ViewGrey1d8d4d1 pp.42-43 Raven to Long-tailed Tit

ViewGrey1d8d4d2 pp.44-45 Bearded Tit to Ring-Ouzel

ViewGrey1d8d4d3 pp.46-47 Blackbird to Robin

ViewGrey1d8d4d4 pp.48-49 Grasshopper-Warbler to Spotted Flycatcher

ViewGrey1d3 pp.50-51 Pied Flycatcher to Waxwing

ViewGrey1d2 pp.52-53 Great Grey Shrike to Hawfinch

ViewGrey1d1 pp.54-55 Greenfinch to Corn-Bunting

ViewGrey1d1a pp.56-57 Cirl Bunting to Tree-Sparrow, Appendix A (species recorded prior to 1950)

ViewGrey1d1b pp.58-59 Appendix B Divisions of Shropshire. Area boundaries

ViewGrey1d1c p.60 County map, altitude shaded