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View p.159 Introduction

View p.160 Introduction

View p.161 Mistle-Thrush to Wheatear

View p.162 Whinchat to Garden-Warbler

View p.163 Goldcrest to Sedge-Warbler

View p.164 Grasshopper-Warbler to Marsh-Tit

View p.165 Blue Tit to White Wagtail

View p.166 Grey Wagtail to Pied Flycatcher

View p.167 Spotted Flycatcher to Goldfinch

View p.168 Siskin to Twite

View p.169 Bullfinch to Starling

View p.170 Rose-coloured Starling to Sky-Lark

View p.171 Wood-Lark to Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

View p.172 Kingfisher to Little Owl

View p.173 Eagle-Owl to Kite

View p.174 Honey-Buzzard to Common Heron

View p175 Squacco Heron to Canada Goose

View p.176 Brent Goose to Wigeon

View p.177 Pochard to Ring-dove or Wood-Pigeon

View p.178 Stock-Dove to Red-legged Partridge

View p.179 Quail to Little Bustard

View p.180 Stone-Curlew to Common Snipe

View p.181 Jack Snipe to Redshank

View p.182 Greenshank to Sabine’s Gull

View p.183 Little Gull to Pomatorhine Skua

View p.184 Arctic or Richardson’s Skua to Slavonian Grebe

View p.185 Dabchick to Manx Shearwater, ADDENDA

View p.186 ADDENDA