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Part 1 in 1865a Vol. 23: 9683–9688

View p9683 Introduction

View p9684 Whitetailed Eagle, Osprey

View p9685 Iceland Falcon to Kite

View p9686 Common Buzzard to Honey Buzzard

View p9687 Marsh Harrier to Tawny Owl

View p9688 continued

Part 2 in 1865b Vol. 23: 9775–9782

View p9775 Great Gray Shrike

View p9776 Missel Thrush

View p9777 Stonechat

View p9778 Common Whitethroat

View p9779 Great Tit

View p9780 Sky Lark

View p9781 Goldfinch

View p9782 Rook

Part 3 in 1866a Vol. 24: 76–84

View p76 Green to Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers

View p77 Wryneck to Hoopoe

View p78 Nuthatch to Nightjar

View p79 Ring Dove to Black Grouse

View p80 Red Grouse to Heron

View p81 Squacco Heron to Common Curlew

View p82 Whimbrel to Bartailed Godwit

View p83 Ruff to Little Stint

View p84 Schinz’s Sandpiper to Coot

Part 4 1866b Vol 24: 161–166

View p161 Gray Lag Goose to Bewick’s Swan

View p162 Mute Swan to Scaup Duck

View p163 Tufted Duck to Eared Grebe

View p164 Little Grebe to Gannet

View p165 Roseate Tern to Manx Shearwater

View p166 Forktailed Petrel, Storm Petrel