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Spiral-bound and published privately, 84pp.

A copy was discovered in 2012 in a flea-market by Simon Holloway, a quarter of a century after publication. Mr Horan evidently knew his birds and cared for them and their history. His booklet contains a great deal of general information about the species together with some useful (to this website) comments on the local situation and occasional specific records.

Mr Horan, then of Bicton Heath, appears not to have been a member of the Shropshire Ornithological Society or to have submitted his records to the Society for inclusion in its annual reports. None of his records were vetted by the SOS’s Rarities Committee.  Mr Horan’s son Michael Horan has kindly given his approval for this material to appear here.

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View p.3 Great Northern Diver

View p.4 Red-necked Grebe

View p.9 Bewick’s Swan

View p.10 White-fronted Goose

View p.11 Barnacle Goose

View p.15 Gadwall

View p.21 Smew

View p.22 Smew continued, Ruddy Duck

View p.24 Goshawk

View p.25 Goshawk continued

View p.26 Hobby

View p.27 Hobby continued, Peregrine

View p.30 Partridge

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View p.42 Woodcock

View p.43 Woodcock continued

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View p.45 Wood Sandpiper

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View p.67 (top) Little Owl

View p.68 Long-eared Owl

View p.69 Nightjar

View p.75 Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

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View p.77 Woodlark

View p.83 Rook

View p.89 Willow Tit

View p.104 Nightingale

View p.107 (top) Reed Warbler

View p.113 Wood Warbler

View p.138 Lapland Bunting