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Bird-related articles pertaining to those part of Wyre which lie within Shropshire are reproduced here by kind permission of Rosemary Winnall, Hon. Secretary of the Group.

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Download PDF 2000 Martin, J. Bird surveys in the Wyre Forest in 2000. 2000:33-34

Download PDF 2003 Martin, J. Woodcock Survey in the Wyre Forest area. 2003:14

Download PDF 2006 Harrison, M. Sixteen years of bird survey of Dowles. 2006:41-44.

Download PDF 2008 Beamish, A. Gannet rescue! 2008:35

Download PDF 2009 Spencer, A. Bird Boxes in the Wyre Forest. 2009:48-49.

Download PDF 20011 Charman, E. & Dobbs, S. Seeing the Wood(peckers) for the trees! 2011:59-62