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View pp.74–75 Feral Pigeon

View pp.76–77 Woodpigeon

View pp.78–79 Turtle Dove

View pp.80–81 Barn Owl

View pp.82–83 Little Owl

View pp.84–85 Long–eared Owl

View pp.86–87 Swift

View pp.88–89 Green Woodpecker

View pp.90–91 Great Spotted Woodpecker

View pp.92–93 Skylark

View pp.94–95 Swallow

View pp.96–97 House Martin

View pp.98–99 Meadow Pipit

View pp.100–101 Grey Wagtail

View pp.102–103 Pied Wagtail

View pp.104–104 Wren

View pp.106–107 Robin

View pp.108–109 Black Redstart

View pp.110–111 Whinchat

View pp.112–113 Wheatear

View pp.114–115 Blackbird

View pp.116–117 Song Thrush

View pp.118–119 Grasshopper Warbler

View pp.120–121 Reed Warbler

View pp.122–123 Lesser Whitethroat

View pp.124–125 Garden Warbler

View pp.126–127 Blackcap

View pp.128–129 Chiffchaff

View pp.130–131 Goldcrest

View pp.132–133 Spotted Flycatcher

View pp.134–135 Pied Flycatcher

View pp.136–137 Long–tailed Tit

View pp.138–139 Willow Tit

View pp.140–141 Blue Tit

View pp.142–143 Nuthatch

View pp.144–145 Jay

View pp.146–147 Jackdaw

View pp.148–149 Carrion Crown

View pp.150–151 Starling

View pp.152–153 Tree Sparrow

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