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View pp.14–15 The changing face of Shropshire

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View pp.22–23 Little Grebe

View pp.24–25 Great Crested Grebe

View pp.26–27 Grey Heron

View pp.28–29 Greylag Goose

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View pp.32–33 Shelduck

View pp.34–35 Gadwall

View pp.36–37 Mallard

View pp.38–39 Shoveller

View pp.40–41 Tufted Duck

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View pp.48–49 Kestrel

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View pp.54–55 Red–legged Partridge

View pp.56–57 Grey Partridge

View pp.58–59 Pheasant

View pp.60–61 Water Rail

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View pp.64–65 Oystercatcher

View pp.66–67 Lapwing

View pp.68–69 Woodcock

View pp.70–71 Redshank

View pp.72–73 Black–headed Gull

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